2nd hand CHP


You are searching for a 2nd hand CHP between 100kW and 2.000kW?


For utilization of different gas sources like landfill gas, biogas, natural gas, coal mine gas or sewage gas?


GTP offers to you a suitable Container plant


Or maybe you have a 2nd hand CHP for sale? In this case you should take contact with us as soon as possible. 






2nd hand landfill gas container with 626kW electrical power and with full heat recovery system from exhaust gas and jacket water circuit.





Remanufacturing of an MWM TCG2016 Biogas Container plant



Inside view of 2nd hand landfill gas container CHP plant, electrical power 626kW el.

Caterpillar Container CHP 1,0 MW
Caterpillar Container CHP 1,0 MW