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Landfill gas

When organic waste is deposited on a landfill, biogas develops quite “automatically” by the process of fermentation, as in the case of a biogas plant. Household waste contains on average 150-250 kg of organic carbon, which is transformed to methane and carbon dioxide respectively.  

Those landfill gases leak into the atmosphere without active degassing. The main component of landfill gas is methane. Because of this those emissions contribute to the greenhous effect.

For this reason and also because landfill gas can be transformed into electricity and heat, it makes sense to actively remove the landfill gas and utilize it in modern combined heat and power plants.

An optimally configured extraction system ensures an optimal gas collection and use in the engine. At the same time, it minimizes the harmfull methan emissions into the atmosphere.

In many countries it is obligatory to install an additional flare plant to burn off possible excess gases, or to burn off landfill gas eco-friendly in case of a gas engine shut-down.