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More than 20 years experience with over 900 realized plants in the field of gas-CHP-plants and renewable energies.

Please have a look, you will find information about selected GTP-reference-plants:


Landfill gas CHP-plant-container 800 kWel


Natural gas CHP-container 2 x 1168 kWel


Biogas CHP-plant-container 1415 kWel


Natural gas CHP-plant 2 x 1546 kWel


Natural gas CHP-plant AGO 637kWel


Biogas CHP HGS 2 x 1200 kWel


Biogas CHP-plant 2 x 1067 kWel


Natural gas CHP-plant 2 x 1500 kWel


Biogas CHP-plant Schleswig 1169 kWel