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Planning of CHP-plants

GTP delivers the full engineering for the CHP-plant construction and the necessary peripheral devices. The client receives, depending on the project requirement, an optimally harmonized solution from basic engineering to detailed engineering, as well as the associated construction with 2D-deviation for the assembly.


The complete design and construction is customized for the plant and will be realized, plant construction included, if requested.



Design and construction of CHP-plants

  • PID diagram / flow chart
  • Technical design of components
  • Consumerlists, measuring point lists, component lists etc.
  • Systems for fuel gas supply
  • Ventilation systems
  • Hydraulic systems for jacket and mixture water
  • Exhaust gas system, e.g. catalyst and SCR-systems
  • Heat recovery systems (hot water, steam, chilled water)
  • Emergency cooling
  • Safety and health technology
  • Generator circuit breaker, auxiliary drive and transformer station