Nearly 2 decades of experience in a huge amount of realized plants in the field of Renewable Energy, Cogeneration and energy power plants.


Below you find a selection of actual GTP References



Remanufacturing, overhaul and adaptation of a 2nd hand Container CHP unit for biogas.

MWM engine package type TCG2016V16 year of construction 2008


Design of the plant:

- power pack 716kW

- biogas compressor

- biogas cooling

- activated carbon filter

- full heat recovery system



Loading of a brand new 1 MW Container CHP in container with special width.


Brand new natural gas CHP plant with MTU engine AoE12V4000. electrical power 1,169 MW with additional heat rack.


The heat rack is especially designed according to engine specification. All sensitive auxiliary equipment of the engine like water pumps, valves, flaps, armatures, expanding tanks, heat exchanger and sensors are integrated inside this compact module.


All heat pipes to the exhaust gas heat exchanger and to the dry coolers are connected to the heat rack with standard flanges.




Brand new natural gas CHP in Container design


Twin engine plant 2 x 1,169 MW as combined heat and power plant incl. catalyst to treat exhaust gas and full heat recovery system.


This plant supplies decentral the total heat and electrical power to an extruder company.




Brand new natural gas CHP plant with MTU engines AoE16V4000. electrical power 2 x 1,56 MW.


Delivery of main components (export solution) for local completion (assembly and pipe erection). The 2 CHP systems are integrated in a heat power plant for local district heating.